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Create a Folder on Google Drive

Create a Folder on Google Drive
11/1/2019, 11:59 PM 11/2/2019, 12:59 AM

*Create Folders on Google Drive* *- to share classwork with your teachers
(folders for every class)* *- to save your finished work (Portfolio
Exemplars) for SLC* *- to organize documents for Clubs, work-in progress,
etc. * *- to store Resources* *To *create* a *folder*:*
1) From *Google Drive*, click the New button, then select *Folder*from the
drop-down menu.
2) A dialog box will appear. Enter a *NAME* for your *folder*, then
click *Create*.
3) Your *folder* will appear on the left below My *Drive*. You may need
to click the drop-down arrow to see your *folders*. - Link:

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