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  • 00:15 The Story of Joseph - Personal Narrative Project by Enkbayasgalan Munkhtur

    The Personal Narrative Project is an exercise in animated journalism. Animation Design capstone students were given the task to interview someone about an experience that they had trying something for the first time, such as riding a bike, cooking a meal, or traveling someplace they had never been before. To convey the story to an audience, students could employ any means of animation they prefer, 2D/drawn, stop-motion clay/dolls/etc, or 3D computer graphics.

    Uploaded Jun 05, 2022
  • 00:29 Personal Narrative Project by Karla C.

    The Personal Narrative Project required students to interview another individual and animate their responses to the prompt: tell me about a time when you tried to do something for the first time.

    Uploaded Jun 02, 2022
  • 00:26 "Enk Chef" Personal Narrative Project by Joseph Castillo-Gonzalez (No Audio)

    During this project, Animation Design Capstone students were tasked with interviewing someone about an experience with trying something for the first time, then conveying the story in an animated short film style of their choice. In this case, Joseph interviewed Enk and revealed the process of learning to cook a delicious meal. This 2D short film was scripted, visualized on a storyboard, then animated, colored, and rendered.
    *April 2022

    Uploaded May 28, 2022
  • 3:11 Fall 2021 Animation Challenge compilation

    Assorted video clips of student animation exercises, physical interactions (such as combustion, and rigid-body physics), and character animation (rough animation - character acting) by Animation 1 and Animation Design students.

    Uploaded Jan 30, 2022