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Principal's Message

          My name is Andrew Conroy and I am the principal of School for the Visual Arts and Humanities at RFK.  One of my highest goals is to motivate our students to push to the next level after high school graduation which is college.  There is a college that is right for them. It is a personal decision.  The best decision I ever made was to go to a small liberal arts college named Benedictine College.  The classes were small, the teachers cared about every student and pushed me and not only brought out the best in me academically but also socially developed my strong sense of social justice,  which led me to two tours in the Peace Corps in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. It led me to Los Angeles where I found my passion for teaching and bringing out the best in my students and it even led me to get a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Counseling.  I  also have interests outside of work that push me as well. I have swam from Alcatraz Island to the mainland. I have competed in team triathlons, mud runs and long distance cycling rides.  We need to always be setting goals sometimes they may even seem impossible.  This again is my goal for my students: to set the highest goals that will improve their life.  We will never know our limits unless we push ourselves beyond what we thought possible.  I am inspired by my students and know the tremendous responsibility that this entails. Our parents have entrusted us with their greatest gift.  I am 100% committed to bringing out their children’s  best and creating a variety of opportunities for each of them that start them on their path which will lead to a life that surpasses what they dreamed.