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Linked Learning Framework

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During the 2012-2013 school year, SVAH faculty and staff unanimously decided to join cohort two of Linked Learning by adopting its school-to-career framework. SVAH has two pathways, Visual/Fine Arts & Design/Media Arts, and is creating a program of study that produces graduates who will be college and career ready.  As a certified Linked Learning school, all teachers, counselors, coordinators and administrators will work together to implement programs, projects and curricula that support SVAH’s Linked Learning career and college pathways and student outcomes.



Graduates of the School for the Visual Arts and Humanities are…

  • Academically competitive students who consistently work towards becoming effective critical thinkers, developing and posing probing questions, and synthesizing and evaluating knowledge.  They are mathematically, linguistically, artistically, and culturally literate.

SVAH students will express Academic Competitiveness through each of the following outcomes:

  • Creative innovators apply multiple literacies in response to an ever-changing world. They use creativity and higher order critical thinking to solve problems and apply their learning to real-world contexts.
  • Effective communicators are both active listeners and able to express themselves effectively and artistically in writing, orally, and through the use of technology in multiple settings.
  • Collaborative leaders are informed and possess skills to be active participants in their communities and world. They demonstrate leadership through collaboration and cooperation with others, showing respect and acknowledging the rights and responsibilities of others in all their diversity.
Go to our district Linked Learning page to learn more about our framework.