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Course Offerings

The SVAH master schedule is designed to provide all students access to A-G classes and, therefore, to a 4-year university. Students take 5-6 A-G classes each school year and have both the opportunity to receive honors credit and take AP level classes and receive academic support within and after the school day. 
In addition, as a school with a Visual Arts focus, students will take a scaffolded sequence of arts classes beginning with Drawing in 9th grade, Painting in 10th grade, and electives in either the Fine Arts or Digital Media Arts pathways in 11th and 12th grades. 
9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
  • English 9 A/B 
  • Geography A/B
  • Drawing A/B
  • CC Algebra 1 or CC Geometry 
  • Computer Science 
  • PE/Health 
  • ELD
  • English 10 A/B 
  • World History A/B
  • Painting A/B
  • CC Geometry or CC Algebra 2
  • Biology 
  • PE/Health
  • ELD
  • American Lit/Contemporary Comp or AP English Language 
  • US History
  • Digital Arts Elective or Fine Arts Elective 
  • CC Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Spanish 1
  • ELD 
  • Expository Comp/Modern Lit or AP English Lit
  • Government/Economics
  • Digital Arts Elective or Fine Arts Elective 
  • Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus AB or BC
  • Physics
  • Spanish 2 or AP Spanish 
  • Computer Science
  • ELD
In addition to our regular day master schedule, SVAH partners with the Los Angeles Community College (LACC) to offer on-campus college-level courses after our school day. We are currently offering the following LACC courses on our campus this fall: 
  • Photography 
  • Psychology 
  • Music